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The Slave Game

By JJ Argus

Copyright 2010

Smashwords edition

JJ Argus has written more than 250 novels, and been published in hardcover, softcover, and innumerable magazines and digests. This work is the result of the long, hard effort and creativity of the author. Please do not post or resell it without permission.

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen.

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Chapter One

Summer. And the living was easy. Or should have been. My parents had enough money, and spoiled me enough that I didn’t need to get a summer job. I could lounge around, party, and enjoy myself like I had since I was a kid. That, at any rate, was the plan. It was interrupted by a problem with the foundation of our house, and with the need for repairs there my parents decided on an ambitious renovation scheme which would have the house filled with contractors and electricians most of the summer.

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