"It's about..er..is the lady home?"

"Tell me what you want, and I'll find out".

"I've got this..er.. it's a sort of.." He gave up and held out a hand from which dangled a bracelet. "It's about this, can I speak to her please?"

An embarrassed Dwarf saying 'Please' was sufficiently unusual for Rambusco to call into the cave, "Drangora, I think there's a customer of yours to see you".

She came bustling out, smiling. This would be someone who had bought the specialist jewellery the Elves had been making to her designs. "Is there something wrong? Come in and sit down. Rambusco, can you get a mug of mead for our visitor?"

"No thanks, I have something with me for the walk home. Can I show you this?" Laying the bracelet out on the table, he went on, "I got it for our second wedding anniversary, and I was wondering if you could change that bit with the initial on".

Drangora was aware that some Dwarves stay married for life, while others change rather quickly, and this must be one of the latter group. Looking at it carefully, she asked, "Where did you buy this?"

"We were in Sheralpia for the weekend, and this Dwarf said he could get me something special at a special price. When he told me how much, I nearly took his hand off, the ones at home were twice the price".

Drangora managed to control herself and keep a fixed smile on her face. "I'm sorry, once the initial is on, it can't be changed".

"I only want to change it from the 'C' to a 'G' to suit my new wife".

"The best thing you can do is put it away for a little while, then look out for someone with the initial 'C' next time".

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