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Praise for the stories in this book (from Amazon reviews):


This short story is a real, old fashioned 'song of the sea' in that it is related by and old sailor who worked on on a whaling ship. It's a well told tale and the descriptions of the hardships of life aboard a whaling ship, especially during the butchering, flensing and rendering stages are graphic and believable. I live near a town with a museum largely dedicated to the old whaling fleets and I've seen some of the tools used. Steve Roach knows of what he speaks.

This is a gem floating among the flotsam of self published stories on Amazon.


The blurb hinted at the dark turn the story takes yet I was still shocked by the finale. I felt there were various layers of hidden narratives; the cruelty of children, loyalty of a beloved pet and almost a kharmic climax. A good read and i'll look out for more by this author.

This story is one to keep. It made me cry. This story is nicely told. It makes you think about what a dog has to go through after losing loved ones.

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