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Present Simple

1. Northland College (to be) _____ a small university.

2. There (to be) _____ only eight hundred students.

3. Half of the students (to live) _____ on campus.

4. Jason is a student. He (to live) _____ in town.

5. Every morning he (to walk) _____ to campus.

6. He (to meet) _____ his friend Mike at the campus cafe.

7. They (to go) _____ to the library.

8. At the library they (to study) _____biology and chemistry.

9. At ten o’clock they (to have) _____ class with Doc Newman.

10. Doc Newman (to be) _____ everybody’s favourite professor.

11. He (to teach) _____ biology, ecology, and theology.

12. He (to have) _____ a cigar in his mouth at all times.

13. His lectures (to be) _____ very funny.

14. After Doc Newman’s class Mike and Jason (to have) _____ lunch at the cafe.

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