Outstanding Behaviour in a Primary School Classroom

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Copyright 2013 Andrew Crossland

About the Author

Andrew Crossland is a primary school teacher teaching in the North of England. He is the co-ordinator of: Science, Art, DT and School Council within a main stream school.

Before going into teaching he attained a First Class Geography degree at the University of Newcastle. Feel free to get in touch with Andrew in the following way Email Andrew.Crossland82@virginmedia.com


Perhaps the most enduring of all questions when it come to the elusive ownership of a shiny new outstanding commendation in the discipline of teaching is how did I quite get here and how do I maintain it. The aim of the book has one simple drive; to place you firmly on the track of being an outstanding teacher by promoting outstanding classroom behaviour. Outside the realm of this book, unfortunately, is just how you maintain being an outstanding teacher through he ebb and flow of the temporal scale and the changing political geography. Nevertheless, reading this book will give you the knowledge and skills to successful navigate, arguably, one of the most fundamental aspects of teaching, positive discipline.

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