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Driving directions are provided for all fishing locations.

The fly fisher can use the book as a way of preplanning a fishing trip or just having information for opportunistic occasions.

This publication will greatly enhance your ability to learn about new fly fishing waters in Nevada.

Chapter 1 User Guide Lines

Freeway Fly Fishing is a reference guide to fly fishing opportunities located approximately 30 miles or less driving distance from the interstate highways of the Western United States. As one travels along the various interstate highways there are often visible streams, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, oceans, reservoirs and other bodies of water. There also are similar waters that are not visible from the highways. Nearly all of these waters will have some species of fish and fishing opportunities. In my experiences of traveling many thousands of miles and being a fly fisherman, I am always curious about what fly fishing opportunities all of these many, many waters may have to offer. This book is an attempt to provide information about most of these waters.

One, the book is organized by state.

Two, within the state section(s) by interstate highway numbers designation (e. g. Interstate 5) from smallest to largest.

Three, within individual numbered interstates sections by exit numbers (i.e. Exit 56) with fly fishing opportunities. The best way to use it while traveling is to locate the interstate highway you are traveling on. Next identify the exit number (s) you are driving towards. Exits are numbered in relation to mile markers. The exit numbers with fishing opportunities are listed. You will find general information and often specific information about the fishery and driving directions. Additionally, all the fisheries are identified as to location in the DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer for the particular state.

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