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Shifted Sex

Published by Gregor Daniels at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Gregor Daniels

For ADULTS Only. All Characters Over 18.

Celia idly shifted her right foot back and forth, rubbing the open-toed heel against a bare, albeit slightly jittery shin. Her fingertips gently stroked the stem of the wine glass in front of her, savoring the cool, smooth texture of the glass. She had no intentional of devouring the rest of the contents, but it was a necessary piece of the picture.

Even now, just ten minutes after sitting down, she could feel a half-dozen pairs of lustful eyes gazing towards her direction. Men at the bar and others with dates showed no restraint in looking at her bare thighs, or stealing a glimpse of her cleavage. She purposed dressed provocatively, knowing that her own creamy flesh would attract the opposite sex in droves.

Being as casual as she could, Celia swiped her long, brunette hair from the left side of her face and craned her neck, pretending to ease whatever imaginary strain had invaded her spine from sitting there on the stool with no back support. She glanced at her watch, using her periphery vision to spy on the potential candidates that had been gawking in her direction.

There was one man, about ten years older than she was, dressed in a fine grey suit about three tables back. He was the only occupant, and it was obvious to her of his intentions. On every single occasion that she had stolen a glance, he had been looking in her direction. He wasn't exactly quite the looker in regards to fashion or his bodily appearance, but Celia smiled to herself knowing that it wouldn't matter in the end. Already, the lingering eyes had her feeling warm between the legs, and a tingle passed through her body as she saw him get up and walk towards her.

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