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The Secret Book


@2013 Bilal Ahmed, All Rights Reserved.

The Secret Book

by Bilal Ahmed

Published 2013

Dedicated to: God, Self, Gurus and Soulmate. Special blessings to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Sivananda, Satchidananda and Vishudevananda whose lineage I carry on my shoulders every day. Their influence is immortal and I am a witness. In the darkest period of our history, they shed the brightest light. This book provides a path from practice to consciousness. From consciousness to knowledge. In order to find God, we have to learn about all of Creation. Hence The Secret Book has thorough knowledge of various religions and a path to consciousness.

I am born muslim, however I went to christian schools for many years and live in San Francisco where I have practised yoga, healing and meditation for many years. I have a thorough knowledge of Quran, Bible, Buddhism and Vedas.

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