A girl and her dogs!!! One day Jessie was feeling upset because her dog had died. Mom screamed. “Jessie get down here now, please!”

OK mom but what do you want?” “Do you want to go and get a puppy? A new one?” “Mom? Really? Of course!” “Get in the car then!” “OK!” They got to the pet shop. There was lots of animals to choose from. She chose a little Springer spaniel. She called it Springer. They went home and Jessie played with Springer. She jumped and barked. Woof !!!

They went to school together and came home together. One day they went to a wood and hid there. They played a game. Then they went home and had tea. Jessie had bangers and mash. Springer had puppy biscuits.

For dessert

Jessie had ice cream. Then they went to bed.

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