Praise and Reviews for Crackly Bones

This is a wonderful book and very cleverly done. I never thought I'd like a book written entirely in verse, but this one works! This reminds me of the "Rupert" books (and I'm sure many Kindlers remember them :O) but verse and pictures are far superior, IMHO.

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Books written in the form of rhyming poetry are often hard to fit into the literary market, as is poetry in any form. It is a forgotten art and skill, which unfortunately many younger people are only exposed to under duress in school. The writer has combined that artform with another niche type of genre, the illustrated comic, which makes the task doubly hard, but the item even more interesting. It is quite hard to complete a flowing story in this form without losing the reader on the way, but I think the writer managed to capture the audience from beginning to end.

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This is really good, the illustrations are excellent & even though I don't usually go for 'poetry' this is a good story - great for kids & adults alike. I could see this being adapted for TV. Go ahead & buy it, you won't regret it.

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