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Bride of the Dark Elf

Willow Nonea Rae

┬ęD.E.W./Willow N. Rae 2013

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Bride of the Dark Elf

(In the arms of the Dark Elf #3 / paranormal romance)

With tensions up, the Orimyr gather a Guarding Circle to protect against the rogue magicians threatening the clan, and a brush with danger has them requesting that Marla either leave the clan, or promise to stay with them, and keep out of the city until the threat can be neutralized. But when her sister calls begging for Marla to come to her aid, sounding more distressed than she ever has, Marla's request to leave temporarily is rejected by the Guarding Circle, and her commitment to the clan, and Toke, is brought into question. Will she be banished from their home, or will Toke's desire to take her as a permanent mate prevail over the protests of his peers?

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