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Confessions of a Fellow Traveler

Einstein’s Road Trip” is

"addictive. A surreal journey by a likeable eccentric that gets more colorful with every chapter. It has everything, zero fields, aliens, mystery, witchery ----. Magic is in the air at the Maui shore, where the author weaves the fates of these enigmatic characters."

Ashen Venema – Author

Course of Mirrors

“very, very clever; worth the read on cleverness alone.”

K.C. Hart – Author

A Summer Rose

“a treasure. Is this guy nuts or is something really going on here? Each character has a story worth telling. Yet it is the wacky stream-of-consciousness ramblings of the narration that puts Einstein’s Road Trip over the top.”

PD Allen – Author

Murderer’s Sky

“riveting stuff, extraordinarily moving, beautifully written.”

D. A. Seaby – Author


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