By Tyler Brown (T.F.B)

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Tyler Brown (T.F.B)

That night Sam hadn’t a worry on his mind. His stomach was full from mother’s spaghetti and the only thing he wanted was sleep. He never even thought about his little brother Russell in the next room. Russell was the farthest thing from his mind. At dinner his brother kept annoying him about this nightmare he kept having every night.

“Every night he says he is coming for me!” Russell said.

“It’s just a nightmare!” Sam said bitterly.

“He told me you were next.”

Sam proceeded to hit his brother and wished the monster would eat him when he was given a good verbal thrashing from his parents. He never really liked his brother all that much. Every time Russell would get in trouble it always became Sam’s responsibility. Russell was always finding ways to get in trouble. Once he smashed the fish tank in the living room with a bowling ball. Sam was upstairs playing video games when his mother started screaming at him to come downstairs. He saw his brother’s mess and yet his mother screamed at him to watch his brother better. He would get mad because he didn’t understand this. All his mother would do was hide in her room. Once she left the door open and Sam saw her hiding in the corner of the bedroom holding a tiny mirror covered in sugar. Sam was confused but she seemed to be playing with it. He told his dad about it and got another verbal thrashing about spying on his mother.

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