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Charlotte Boyett-Compo

(c ) copyright by Charlotte Boyett-Compo, April 2013

Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, April 2013

ISBN 978-

Smashwords Edition

New Concepts Publishing

Lake Park, GA 31636


Chapter One

Katelyn Tarnes looked up at the imposing height of the Windhaven Institute and took a deep breath. The glare from the solstice sun made her squint as she stared at the gleaming copper roof that capped the sandstone building. Her palms were sweating, her heart racing. Above her right eye throbbed a rhythmic dull pain. Ever since leaving the ship, she’d been fighting off a migraine. As she lowered her gaze from the top of the structure to the double black doors that led inside, a flicker of nausea pushed at the back of her throat.

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