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Anod’s Seduction


Cap Parlier

Published by Saint Gaudens Press

Smashwords Edition

Copyrigth © 2004 Cap Parlier

Print Edition ISBN 978-0-943039-03-7

Chapter 1

The data instigating the present patrol action offered only a suspicion of danger or menace. It was going to be a long mission. Lieutenant Anod reminded herself of the credo of pilots through the centuries: flight was . . . hours and hours of boredom punctuated with moments of stark terror. They were having a good portion of boredom. She wondered when the terror would come.

To Anod, the magnificence of the stars, galaxies and the myriad of other celestial objects was the most glorious reward for space flight and service to the Society. The sheer splendor around her made the quiet times enjoyable, but distracting. In contrast, the tension of a mission against an unseen, potential adversary made the enjoyment much less pleasurable.

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