An excerpt from Bred by the Lizard Men

* * * * * * * * * *

Felicia blinked as she stared down at the spy. Things didn’t register for her at first as she looked down into the golden-yellow slitted eyes of the large reptile. Fear consumed her as she immediately thought of gators of crocodiles, but as the being pushed itself onto its hind legs, the blonde was more confused than she was frightened.

The creature was at least six feet tall and naked, except for a loincloth that covered its privates. A tail swayed behind it while it canted its head. Its eyes narrowed at Felicia before its jaws opened wide, hissing in a most hostile way toward the blonde.

Fear could only well up within Felicia for so long before it overflowed. She turned and jumped down the hill, no longer caring as she ran through the jungle. The blonde was quite fit and easily able to continue running for an extended time. Her breasts jiggled in a rather annoying fashion, forcing the busty woman to reach down and squeeze the mounds of flesh to keep them from being too annoying. She cursed at herself for tossing away the bra now.

No matter how fast Felicia was, the lizardman was faster. Just as she started to think she had escaped, she looked over her shoulder to see the creature pouncing forward. Her eyes widened and she tried her best to dodge or counter his attack, but it was too fast.

Landing on her back upon the jungle floor, she began punching at the beast’s snout. It winced and turned its head away to avoid her attacks for a few moments until it opened its mouth and roared at her, giving her a perfect view of its numerous, scary, serrated teeth. With wide eyes, the blonde was too terrified to move again.

Her life began to flash before her eyes, and yet all she could remember was the various times she had sex. And wow, was it a lot. Visions of the various relationships, hook-ups, and threesomes flooded her mind at once.

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