The lizardman hissed as he observed Felicia. Something changed its mind. The blonde’s attention was drawn to the creature’s crotch, only to see the tenting fabric of its loincloth. She blinked in confusion, still not really understanding what was happening. But, as the beast moved the cloth away, Felicia stared as she was given the view of a thick, green, monster cock. It looked more like a human’s than anything, but was structured completely differently with a ribbed appearance.

Whoa! No! No, no, no, no!” she protested while shaking her head.

Bred by the Lizard Men

by Tiffany Bell

Text Copyright © 2013 Tiffany Bell
All Rights Reserved

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Felicia hurried home with her awesome…thing. She wasn’t completely sure what she purchased, but the pictures online made it too awesome for her to just leave it alone. The listing online said that it was a “SNAKE IDOL RARE ONE OF A KIND.”

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