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Welcome Home, Daddy!

Copyright 2013 Penelope Wilson

Published by Penelope Wilson at Smashwords

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It was past midnight when I finally arrived home from the airport, unannounced in a taxi cab. Thankfully my keys still worked, and I let myself in to the small place that my wife and stepdaughter had been living in since I had left on deployment nearly three years ago.

It had been ages since I had last seen the place, and the dark shapes were unfamiliar in the dim light from the streetlamps, and I figured that my wife must have moved the furniture around while I was gone (which was hardly unexpected). I set my lone bag on the floor and began fumbling around for the light switch, trying to remember where everything was.

I was exhausted from the flight and must have been making a lot more noise than I thought, as after a few seconds a light snapped on from the hallway, brightly illuminating my tired body and the worn, wrinkled clothing that I was wearing.

"Daddy? Is that you?"

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