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A cruel school episode 3

The end of the day came quickly. As soon as I got home I flashed up to my room and switched on my computer. Then I started typing.

My name is Jessie. I am bullied at school. Not by the children, by the teacher. I spend all play time’s in the toilets crying. My mum and dad don’t believe me, but one day they will. Here is a picture of my teacher:

Ok, I admit. I drew that. But she does look like that! It’s exactly like her! Anyway, she bullies me a lot… Not like your teacher, I bet. Does your teacher make you feel like staying in the toilets every break, crying? Does your teacher criticise your every move? No. I know she doesn’t. Only my teacher does. My teacher is evil.

You may say that your teacher is evil. And I respect that. But my teacher is EVIL. She used to teach in a prison. Now you know she’s evil. And she is. She only let’s ME have a tiny potato and a tiny carrot for dinner. But Alicia Grim Water gets a whole pie, gravy, mash, 20 carrots, 20 potatoes, 7 dishes of ice cream and 70 galaxy chocolate bars! So unfair.

I hate her. I have already told you that. She gives me 10 double sided sheets of Literacy, Math, History and Geography sheets. It is so unfair. How do other people cope, you may ask. Well, she treats them fair. Equally. All the same. It is so unfair. I hate her, she hates me.

I saved it and turned off my computer. I felt good.

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