Los Angeles Lakers, a Season in Their Own Words

The Evolution of the Modern Point Guard

The Future of America's Favorite Sport

If Football Fails, Who Wins?

Revisiting the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Shame Bet

Getting to the Best Part of the NBA Season

Americans like to get to the best part of everything, and right away. We don’t like to wait, we don’t like a slow burn, we just want the payoff right now. It’s the reason we don’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, because no one has ever been patient enough to find out.

We’ve all been there, you get about halfway through, with all of the best intentions, and eventually give into the temptation and just bite down, immediately being rewarded for our impatience. One of my favorite recent commercials is even based on this. It’s the KFC one with Tracy Jordan, where he announces that Americans didn’t like the shape of chickens, so we changed them to nuggets. Makes me proud, and hungry.

This same desire to get the best of everything takes over the sports landscape too. It’s the reason that soccer is the most popular sport in every other country in the world, but not in ours. Soccer is a beautiful, elegant game. When played at a high level it is a symphony of movement, ten players moving as one amorphous organism, and when goals are scored they’re most likely the culmination of a multi faceted, complex system of passing and positioning.

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