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Carnal Entertainment

Sonja Flowers

Chapter 1

I picked up my cell phone off the end table and dialed his number. I heard his deep mellow voice answer, “Hello,” my heart began to melt immediately just from the sound of his voice. “Hey, Trent,” I said sweetly into the phone. “Hello, gorgeous,” he said back and I could hear the smile in his voice at knowing I called him. “Just wondering what you were doing tonight,” I said hoping he was not already busy for the evening. An evening out with Trent always proved to be an enjoyable experience; at least it always had in the past. “Well darling I’m just up at the cabin, but I was thinking about heading over to the casino a little later, if you are interested,” he said. I giggled, and said, “of course what time are you thinking?” “Meet me there in an hour and a half I need to get cleaned up a bit, we can grab a bite to eat and play some cards,” he said. “Sounds great see you there,” I said mentally deciding what I was going to wear. “See you then Cass,” he said and hung up.

I jumped up off the couch and raced into my room wondering what I should wear. Maybe I should take a quick shower I thought as I stood in front of the closet doors pondering what to wear. I grabbed a low cut black shirt and a pair of jeans that shaped my nicely round butt just perfectly. Then reaching in the top drawer of my dresser I fished out a pair of black thong panties and a black silky bra to match, tossing the clothes on my bed I quickly stripped out of my other clothes and headed into the adjoining bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I brushed a strand of my long dark hair off my face before glancing down at my perky breasts that were tipped with rose-colored peaks begging to be touched. My lithe physique was toned and petite with a rounded shapely butt that topped my muscular legs. My dark green eyes held a hint of mystery within my pretty face with striking sharp features and a cute rounded nose giving me a look then men found sexy and alluring. My flawless skin was kept smooth with cream applied nightly on a routine basis; I turned around to start the water for my shower. After several moments and grabbing a bright green fluffy towel, I stepped into the shower and quickly pulled the lime green and purple striped curtain shut, feeling the warm water cascade down my body. Grabbing the shower gel I squeezed a dollop into my hand and began to rub it over my tight abdominal muscles and down to my bare private place. Feeling the softness of my outer lips with my fingers, I searched for the hard nub and gave it a quick rub with my soap-covered fingers. I imagined it was Trent touching me and caressing me softly with his muscular fingers. My hands caressing down his muscular chest, as I gazed into his smoky grey eyes, his short dark trim hair feeling soft to the touch as I brought his head closer to me as he suckled on my nipple. His body even at 37 was still in great shape, even after his long stint in the military. I shook my head and continued my shower, knowing that soon I would feel his soft touches, or maybe rough as he took me from behind bent over the blackjack table I thought as I turned the water off.

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