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White Noise

James Field

Published by James Field at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 James Field

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White Noise

Professor Maurice Masterson shook a curious dizzy spell from his head and checked the time on his pendulum clock. Excellent, only another few minutes and he'd devote all his attention to the television.

Without warning, the old-fashioned, hulking, concrete block of a telly hissed with a deafening roar, and its glassy screen fizzed with white spots.

'Damned contraption,' said the professor.

He knew exactly how to restore the picture. All it needed was a well-placed fist applied to the left-hand topside with exactly the right amount of force. He'd done it so many times he'd given his cure a nickname: 'The Big Bang'.

'Okay, television.' He screwed his fountain pen cap in place and laid it neatly beside a writing block. 'I'm growing tired of your constant demand for attention. I'll give you the 'Big Bang' one last time. After that, you're out.'

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