Red Plague

By Alex Witney

Published by DMPP at Smashwords

Copyright © Alex Witney 2013

I can’t do it anymore, he thought to himself. Making his way down the rain soaked steps into the cathedral entrance. He was on the edge of his precinct, edge of his domain; and the edge of Aston. Too close to the outland. ‘If I stop now they might give me an office job, something low key near the city circle,’ Edward Jenner knew that wasn’t an option, ‘haven’t worked long enough to quit.’

The arch he was walking through was darker than he had anticipated, the light from the streets barely made it down into the trenches. The cathedral was large but mostly underground. Spires of metal sticking up through the cobbled streets, with stairways and trenches surrounding it. A distant memory of long ago, when places of worship had to defend themselves from the ill and infirm.

The smell made Jenner wretch, he should be used to it by now. Twelve years doing the same job, twelve’s years releasing souls. I should be used to the smell, he thought passing under the entrance rim and into the narthex.

It was almost dark, long abandoned and wreaked of rotting flesh. The narthex was large and had many corridors, an adaption seemingly implemented just before its demise. Jenner spotted the main entrance, boarded up with sacred wood. He felt bad taking it down, pulling the nails out and opening the entrance. He wasn’t a believer but it reminded him of a darker time.

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