“Mommy? Daddy? Why do we walk along these trees all the time,” I asked my parents. My baby pink sundress flowing down my legs as I skipped next to my father.

“Because Sera, this is our territory. We have to go around our boarders to make sure that other people like us don't cross, unless they are welcome. Soon my baby girl, all of our land will become your responsibility,” my father answered me. He flashed me a huge smile revealing a small dimple in his left cheek.

“Mine? But Daddy, how can I be bossy and be better than anyone else?” I asked, knowing that I was only five years old, and didn't think that I could control anything.

“Love, you have nothing to worry about. The pack will not be passed down to you until you are sixteen. We will make sure that you are ready for anything that this pack will throw at you. Will you do something for me baby girl?” My mother said picking me up in her arms.

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