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“Yes mommy?”

“Your little brother will be upset that he won't be able to be Alpha. I need you to be there for him, even if he hates you for taking the Alpha title.”

“Okay mommy I promise.”

“Thank you Sera,” she said throwing me up into the air and catching me in a hug.

I peeked through my mother's hair. Her thick black curls were tightly locked together and I pried my hands through it, trying to look at my father. He smiled at me and I giggled back. I looked past him, and saw people running toward us. Each of the men had snarls drawn on their faces.

“Daddy look out!” I screamed.

“Lyla, get Sera out of here! Get her somewhere safe,” my father said facing the men approaching.

“Tyson there is no way that I am leaving you.”

“Get Sera safe I will be fine.”

My mother turned away from my father and sprinted with me in her arms. She ran as close to the house as she could get. She found a hallow tree, and hid me in there.

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