I have spent most of time in Central America, having first went to Panama. There I began taking care of my farm workers and their family. It was to be one of the most difficult times of my life, and yet looking back on it, what started me on the path from standard old school medicine to “”crossing the line”” and going over to a more natural approach to maintaining a healthy functioning homeostatic working organisms . After all, our body is not this one great big machine but rather the groupings many organs, systems, all working together that make up what we think of as “”our body””..


The body is a very complex organism, a chemical factory, to some extent, as all that we ingest, breath will react to all the other substances we have within our blood, tissues, cells, which each and every one is like a small factory unto itself. Each cell has openings, that allow certain nutrients in, and others to expel waste.

Now I ask you, what person would take a garden hose, stick it into their cars gas tank, and fill it with water ? Or take muddy water and put it into the radiator ? Or drive the car constantly on dirk roads, never change the filters or fluids?

Yet many do similar abuse to our bodies, and expect it to serve us, never fail and never complain.

The fuel for our bodies factories or cells and organs comes from what we eat of course. Most tend to think that our problems stem from consumption of lipids, or fatty foods. We do need some, along with minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, thats another buzz word, and yes we do need that too. The key of course is balance. We need many other things, water being another key element. It is life's elixir, we being 2/3 water. We can go without food, for some time, although in modern man's life, most of us consume far more than we need, however we cannot live long without water.

Also we need certain plant extracts, phytonutrients and nutraceuticals to help maintain balance, and help clean out built up waste.

How many times in your home has it been necessary to call a repair man, to clean out the A/C or heating filters, or the drainage pipes, yet how many think of cleaning out or body, we live in a toxic environment, ever more so.

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