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Bubble Gum in Disguise

Bubble Gum in Disguise

By Georgiann Baldino

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Bubble Gum in Disguise

Grandpa Blom didn’t belong inside the house. He’d rather be outside. Even when confined to an easy chair, his hands and eyes kept working. He was an elfin man, small stature and twinkling eyes. By the time I knew him, he could no longer stand up straight. Years of hard labor had perpetually bent him over. His legs formed a pronounced arch. To walk his body twisted at the hips throwing one leg then the other, rather like forcing a wishbone to amble across a table.

I have one treasured photograph of him taken near the end of his life, which shows him seated on someone’s front porch. The barrel-shaped wicker chair swallows him up, but his smile couldn’t be more complete. His whole face is involved. Hard to imagine how he could keep smiling like that after life had broken his body down. Even his grin shows wear and tear, for the teeth that remained were only nubs. Though he smiled readily and often I distrusted him. His “baby teeth” seemed out of place on someone his age.

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