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Wicked Valentine

By Jillian Holmes

Copyright 2013 Jillian Holmes

Smashwords Edition

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Julie Blake wasn’t usually late. Of course, the burst pipes she woke up to this morning were a great excuse. Not that it mattered. Her boss was bound to give her hell for being an hour late. She guessed she would be fired within minutes of arriving at the office. She sighed heavily as the train she rode came to a stop. She exited the double doors and stepped onto the platform. Rolling her shoulders, she walked up the steps to the city above and went around the corner to her building.

Hudson Enterprises sat at the top of the tallest building in Boston. It wasn’t a small office, either. The top floor was pristine and gigantic. The elevator brought her to the twenty-third floor and she bolted to her office. She closed the door behind her and shrugged out of her coat, hanging the thick material on a coatrack in the corner. She was just rounding her desk when the door was thrown open.

She turned, already knowing who she would see. Marcus Dunne was one of the many managers of the company. He didn’t tolerate tardiness. He stood under the door frame with his arms crossed. Julie acted as though he wasn’t there. She fired up her laptop and kept her head down, hoping to discourage conversation. No such luck.

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