Oh Jamie.


Bertram Ellis

Copyright © 2013 by Bertram Ellis

Cover Artist: Karen

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Chapter One

Sunlight streamed through the dining room windows. Lydia pushed her chair away from the breakfast table. “’m going to visit some old friends. I’ sure you don’t want to listen to women’ gossip so you can have a look around,“she announced.

Jamie took a fresh roll and spread butter and honey. “Okay,“he replied before taking a bite.

“If you don’t like it here, you can return home, you know,“she said.

Jamie shuddered. The weather up north was fierce. “, I'm perfectly happy, Lydia. I wouldn’ leave you in the lurch. Would you like me to accompany you this morning."

“n't be so pompous. Accompany me. Huh!,” she said and swept out of the room.

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