This book is lovingly dedicated to the eternal magnificence of you, the reader.

Energy Exchange For This Book

This is not a free book. If someone sent it to you it's probably because they meant well and were really concerned about you and wanted to share this amazing message with you. If you did not pay for this book, will you consider making a donation?

You can make a donation of your choice on Cha~zay's website. Will you consider sending a donation of your choice to this Paypal address here? If the link doesn't work, try clicking on the heart donation picture below or visit the following link and click on the 'donation' button within that page. If this doesn't work either, please visit the Resources page at the end of this book and copy and paste that entire link into a new web browser. Thank you!

Your generosity is a means of positive energy exchange, which we hold in the highest regard. May the amount you choose be multiplied to you and those whose lives you touch by at least ten thousand fold!

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