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Author’s Note: The Submerging Church

As I was turning off my computer and packing up my projector at the end of a Creation Seminar I recently presented, a young man approached me.

“I’m 20 years old,” he said, “and I haven’t been to church in three years but what you taught me tonight has completely changed my mind about Christianity. I wanted you to know that I will be back in church starting this Sunday.”

He went on to explain that as he was growing up in his Christian church he became increasingly confused, frustrated and downright mad. The church had no answers to anything relevant in his life. He didn’t think there were any viable answers to questions about science, evolution, old-earth beliefs, “there is no God,” etc.

So this young man did what 85% of Christian-raised kids do these days—he stopped going to church. He also stopped believing God’s Word.

When God called me to teach the Truth of God’s Word and the science that supports the Biblical Creation account, I was disheartened and discouraged at every turn. The vast majority of churches would not even let me present the information.

The reasons I was given were many, but the bottom line was this: they did not believe in the Bible’s accounts about our creation and they didn’t care to hear why there was no reason to compromise on these issues.

They had become part of what I now refer to as the Submerging Church, a movement that is misleading hundreds of millions of Christians and seekers.

Today’s Church is being sapped of its influence, vitality and sustainability. It is sinking, submerging like a leaky boat taking on water.

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