~ Acknowledgments ~

Cheers Greg,” for being an awesome flatmate. Thanks for sharing your huge CD collection, which in turn was written in as my characters’ tunes. Thanks too for letting me run ideas past you on my make-believe tribe and the information you shared on your favourite animal; the wolf.

To my other second family; through catch-ups and entertainment, you kept me on earth rather than floating off into space. Here’s to my fiancés Darianne and Nicole. To my old Student Res pals, Paul and Karen. Last but not least, to Gaylynn and Brenden. The ‘KGB’ lives on!

To my parents, who offer refuge and respite during our holidays together. Dear ole Dad and Coral, for our fish and chips on the beach and our long drives. To my darling Mumsy, who’s responsible for turning me into a Trekkie, to which I returned the favour by introducing her to ‘Dexter’.

I feel fortunate for the amazing artist who did the cover and illustrations of my first novel ‘Circulate’, to do the graphics of ‘Scent’ too. Thank you Isabel de Sequera, using your talents again adds a sense of continuity to the Circulate Series.

I’d like to thank Nina Ackerman and Leesa Montague for letting me use one of their photos taken on their Alaskan holiday for the front cover. I’d also like to thank Nina for lending me her books on her favourite state. I hope you had a blast at ‘Moosefest’!

Last but not least, I want to thank my friends in the online community Storywrite. Coming from all over the world, you left encouraging feedback on the chapters I posted. I actually experienced giddy excitement when sharing my characters with you… giggle. Thank you for being some of the first to read and comment on B and Declan, my fantastical characters who’ve become very real to me.

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