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Writing on the


The second novel in

The Sunset Love Series

Missy Lynn

© January 2012

Chapter 1

It had been a month since my life changed so much on that little island off the coast of California. Things were finally starting to settle down. Donovan and I had decided to wait until after the baby to plan the wedding. Constance’s career seemed to be moving rapidly in the right direction. Charlie and Drew seemed to be adjusting quite well and were excited about starting their new school. Best of all, there had been no word from Michael since his sentencing.

“Good morning beautiful,” Donovan said kissing me on the cheek. “We need to get moving, unfortunately.”

I wrinkled my nose at him. “Do we really have to?”

He wrapped me up in his arms. “Well, I guess five more minutes won’t hurt anyone.”

We snuggled down in the bed with every intention of making the most of the five minutes we had given ourselves when the kids come busting through the door all of them talking at once.

Donovan sat up in the bed laughing, “Well I guess that wasn’t going to last.”

I started to apologize. “Donovan, I’m so sor-“

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