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A cruel school episode 6

Then, finally, assembly time came. I saw a new girl at the front, sitting sheepishly on the edge of a emerald green chair. I wondered what her name was. But then, some ear-splitting music hit my sensitive ears so I sat down quickly.

Mr. BarnsWood announced the departure of Miss Hopin Gore and the arrival of Miss Hopiniling. Then he blabbed on about not littering and choir practice with Mr. Tomblar (The only teacher who can sing, but even he sounds like a dead cat screaming!).

Then the sheepish girl came to the front.

This is Ariana Grande! She is a new student at our school.”

Ariana smiled shyly.

She is going to be in class A2. Please make her feel welcome…”

Ariana sat back down on her Emerald green chair. She looked scared. Then Mr Barns Wood said,

Now. Does anyone have any news?”

Me and Katie put our hands up.

Jessie? Katie?”

We stood up and went to the front. I started.

We were on the news last night. We have won £10 000 00!”

I for one don’t believe you. Where is the truth? I mean, proof!”

Here Mr. Barnswood.”

Katie put a CD into the player and last night’s news came up on the TV. Everyone laughed and shouted, “They’re rich!” We thoroughly enjoyed sitting down and hearing, “Oh well done!” and “Remember, I was your friend!” It was so exciting! Then a song came up,

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