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The book describes the many famous war planes that battled in World War II. The relentless British air war defense of the Battle of Britain to the might of the American war birds that defended the remaining vestiges of freedom from the might of the German Luftwaffe and the sleek modern Japanese fighters. The Allies; British Royal Air Force (RAF), United States Army Air Force (USAAF) and Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) battled the might of the Axis; Germany and Japanese air forces.

The illustrated book shows action pictures of the iconic planes of World War II, from the super-fast and maneuverable Spitfire to the large heavy bombers that devastated the enemies in their own homelands.

Each plane is described highlighting the main advantages each brought to the fight. The book is ideal for the airplane enthusiast and history buffs with its action packed pictures and blueprints.

W.T.McCleat is not only a writer of other novels but he is also a warplane enthusiast. He always wanted to feel the excitement of piloting a vintage warbird, with their incredible speed and maneuverability and the rush of adrenaline that the pilots experienced as they flew into their deadly task each day. WT wanted to capture the excitement of being that pilot of one of the world's most famous warbirds flying into World War II. As you read through the pages, put yourself in the cockpit of your favorite birds. Fly the missions that made the planes and their pilots iconic figures of another time. It is so much fun to dream, so much fun to imagine, whatever age you are.

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