Dear Diary, I think I have gone mad.

Written by: Kat Sharpe

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2013 Kat Sharpe

Dear Diary, I Think I Have Gone Mad

Author: Kat Sharpe

Published By: Kat Sharpe

Copyright © 2013

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Table of Contents

On that Desert Highway, Cool Wind in My Hair 03/24/1985

Ahead in the Distance 04/01/1985

My Head Grew so Heavy 04/17/1985

Must stop for the Night 05/01/1985

He Stood in the Doorway 05/19/1985

Such a Lovely Place Here 06/02/1985

Is There Plenty of Room? 06/22/1985

Its 1969??? 06/30/1985

I Hear the Bell in the Distance 08/04/1985

Voices Down the Hall 08/24/1985

Take Me to the Masters Chambers 09/01/1985

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