But mistrust between among the Human-descended Midianites and growing animosity among their preternatural guardians the Five Tribes of the El-Ahur in both timelines threaten to sabotage the Queens’ Plans to win the war. The cost of failure is the extinction of Humankind’s children and their only hope is to unite Midian’s people and the El-Ahur into one legion, the Queen’s Hand…



The day came when they had to go their separate ways.  Gabrielle was heartbroken, inconsolable; her tears and cries daggers in Allison’s heart.  More than ever She felt hatred for the Nai’Marak.  He had stolen her Humanity with the Prophecies and now the Nai’Marak was stealing Allison from Her baby.  Allison felt as though She were dying by degrees as She held Her crying child.  The minutes were small eternities of anguish as Gabrielle cried Herself out. Finally and with painful reluctance, Gabrielle pulled out of Her Mother’s arms.

“We’ll be together again soon,” Allison promised, sobbing, “And until then, we will have to hold each other in our Hearts and in our Minds.  You must Remember me the way I Remember all those in the valley below.  I will Remember you the same way until we see each other again.”

“I love you!” Gabrielle sobbed.

“And I love you.”

Mother and Daughter held each other once more, tightly, until the Nai’Marak interceded.

“It is time, Shekhina.”

Allison got to Her feet, not taking Her eyes from Gabrielle’s.  She sensed the Nai’Marak’s approach and turned to meet Him.  Gabrielle, behind Her, started crying again. Allison Forced Herself to turn and walk with the Nai’Marak back to the waiting spacecraft on the hillside.

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