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Chapter 2: The Technical Challenges

Chapter 3: Countermeasures and Tactics

Chapter 4: Cold War SAMs

Chapter 5: Soviet Exports

Chapter 6: Naval Air Defence

Chapter 7: MANPADS

Chapter 8: Anti-Missile Missiles

Chapter 9: SAMs in the 21st Century

Appendix A: Glossary of Technical Terms

Appendix B: List of SAM Systems

Appendix C: Chronology of Conflicts

Chapter 1

The Birth of the SAM

For as long as aircraft have been used in warfare, the other side has been trying to shoot them down. In the days of propeller-driven aircraft, this required nothing more sophisticated than guns, in the form of anti-aircraft artillery. But with the advent of fast, jet-powered aircraft and high-flying bombers in the latter years of the Second World War, guns were rapidly becoming inadequate for the task. Thoughts started to turn to a new type of weapon – the surface-to-air missile, or SAM.

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