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My views on God and the philosophical problem of evil.


I do not in any way, shape or form, intend to be racist in this essay. I am just stating my beliefs and opinions, and so I will not be happy to wake up one morning to find an angry mob trying to kill me. Can I also state that free-speech is a human right, so I can whatever I want without being directly racist.

The Philoshical Problem of Evil

"If God is,




And Omniscient,

Then why is there evil and suffering in the world?"

Quoting some greek guy from ages ago who was something to do with Hippopotomi.

My response to Hippo man, as he shall be called, Is that God is not all of those long, complicated words, but he is, in fact, a woodlouse.

The Biography of God

God was born in France in 2345BC and was raised by his uncle bob when his parents were killed by a spider. God was scarred for life and had a solitary childhood, and was gifted in science and technology, and so, in 2344BC he unveiled the philosophers stone and is still alive over four thousand years later, living in italy underneath vatican city.


Founder of the woodlouse association of all stuff

King of woodlice

Our Father In Heaven


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