Chapter One The Surprise

“He's back!!!! Dan is back,” shouted Violet over the noise of the car.

“Really! Oh, I hope he brought me something!” barked Daisy who was about to trip over her own paws again.

They were talking about our owner, Dan. He always brings home little things for us like bones, treats, or tennis balls. But today he looked as if he had something extra special. He walked through the gate and patted me on the head. “Hey, Keela! How's my favorite girl?” He told me, “I have a gift for you all.” He shuffled through a bag and then pulled out three brand new collars with tags on them! The tags even had our names on them! Violet barked sweetly and Daisy jumped on her and panted. They had always wanted a collar. In the dog world, a collar is a symbol that you have a home and a person that loves you.

I sat down and waited for him to put it around my neck. “What's the matter, Keela? Are you too old to get excited?” I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. I am only five you know! I thought. He wrapped the collar around me and snapped the buckle closed. He did the same for Violet and Daisy. They jumped on him and licked his face, knocking him down. I ran behind him just in time to break his fall. He called for Jen to come and help him up.

Dan has Monoplegia, which means he has trouble using his leg, so I am always on the look-out to help him in dangerous situations. Jen helped him up and into the house. She left us outside and slammed the door. Daisy and Violet ran into the yard to play some game were Daisy tramples Violet, but I waited. I knew something was wrong, otherwise Dan wouldn't have brought home big presents. Whenever something is wrong he brings home big presents. I listened... nothing unusual was happening in the house.

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