• Customs’ Complicity in Drugging America

  • FBI Veteran Reveals CIA-Mafia Drug Ties

  • Sabotaging Government Contract Pilot

  • Montana Drugs Smuggling and FBI Complicity

  • Airline Pilot to Government Betrayal

  • Mexico’s Role in Drugging America

  • Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial

  • Blonde Bombshell, CIA, Drugs, and Bus

  • Perils of Exposing CIA Drug Smuggling

  • Texas National Guard, Gulf Cartel, CIA, and Drug

  • DOJ Lawyers: Greatest threat to all Americans

  • Endemic Corruption, Cover-Ups, Tragedies

  • Implications, and What Do We Do Now?

    Applicable federal law


    Drugging America details and documents the arrogant and corrupt war on drugs that is more of a war against the people, implicating people in key offices in the three branches of government. The explosive book, Drugging America--A Trojan Horse, exposes the arrogant and corrupt side to the government’s sham war-on-drugs, how it threatens everyone, and how it inflicts devastating financial and personal tragedies upon thousands of men, women, and families.

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