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Cloud Nine

A Novel of the Guardians of Man

Cloud Nine

Copyright © 2011 Melissa Smith

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

Have you ever heard the saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’? Or if you hear someone say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, you don’t imagine that to hold any real truth, just wishful thinking. Well that’s what I thought anyhow. Until, I had my very own cloud with a silver lining. Ok. I can see your face now. You don’t believe me, but it’s true. It showed up in my bedroom as this little mass of what I thought was fog. Yeah I know. Fog in your bedroom, you say? Again, I know how it sounds, but it’s true. Well, my name is Claire Grayson and this is my story. Let me start off with that morning.

The morning of November 4th I woke up to my alarm clock at 6:45 am. Just like every weekday for school. I laid there in bed trying to coax myself to get up. When I finally managed to drag my sorry self out of bed I looked over by my closet door to see what again looked like a patch of fog hovering about two or three feet off my carpeted floor. I sat on the edge of my mattress for a couple more minutes just staring at it. Waiting and wondering if it would disappear. It didn’t. I waited some more, maybe about six or seven minute’s total, before I got up to look at it a little more closely. I stood about a foot away from it for a minute or so just to see if it would again just disappear. Again, it didn’t. With a slightly nervous hand, I reached out to it. When my fingers had just broken the surface it seemed to solidify right in front of my eyes! Just as quickly I pulled back my hand and jumped back a few feet and landed on my backside rather painfully. As I sat there and watched it, it seemed to be getting just a little bigger. Where at first it was only about the size of a beach ball, it was now about the size of ridiculously big balloons that car dealer’s use! Maybe even just a little bit bigger! But by the time it got to that size it seemed to slow down and stop growing all together. My heart slamming in my chest, adrenalin pin pricking all over my body, I stood up slowly. I backed up until my knees hit the edge of my bed and I was forced to sit. I sat there for what seemed like forever when inside my head I heard a deep voice say Hello Claire.

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