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A Note re Character Name Appendix

As I did in Twin-Bred, I've included an Appendix at the end, listing the names of some primary and secondary characters.

And Finally, A Note Concerning Pronouns

Tofa have only one gender, represented in Twin-Bred by masculine pronouns. I judged that given how often some pronoun would be necessary, it would pull the reader out of the story to be constantly stumbling on some unusual, recently invented, and/or gender-neutral pronoun. For the sake of consistency, I have followed the same practice here.

Which is not to say that I might not make other choices where other species are concerned. . . .

Chapter 1

And so they were underway. The good ship Star Seed left Tofarn behind at a speed that no human — to their knowledge — had traveled in generations, and no Tofa had ever approached.

Or it might be the good ship Destiny, or New Frontiers, or Newer Frontiers, or Enterprise, or Hatikvah, or Beagle. There were some who still held out for their unchosen favorite. Many of the Tofa Twin-Bred, and a few of the human twins, preferred the Tofar word for "spore," which the adult humans were unable to pronounce. A few flippant passengers persisted in calling the ship the Skedaddle. It hardly mattered. There was, after all, only one ship, and they were aboard her.

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