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Brynn Chapman/R.R. Smythe

Brynn Chapman will captivate the reader with intricate details, a mystery that ensnares the reader and characters that will touch their hearts. By the end of the first chapter, this reviewer was enthralled with Bride of Blackbeard. It’s a compelling tale of sorrow, pain, love, and hate. Each of the people Costanza encounters on her journey has an experience to share, drawing in the reader more. Ms. Chapman sketches a story that tugs at the heartstrings. I believe many will be touched in some way by this extraordinary book that leaves much thought.

~ Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

~ * ~

Bride of Blackbeard has it all. You'll instantly feel a part of the story as Constanza's character seems to come alive. You'll walk right beside her as she endured the sadness, pain and sorrow, of growing up, and you'll root for her, all through the healing process. Bride of Blackbeard was hard to put down. The secondary characters, some you'll love to hate, some will steal your heart, just as Constanza and her siblings do.

Ms. Chapman definitely has a winner, and you'll want to have the tissues handy, it tears at your heartstrings, and you'll love every minute of it! The setting is spot-on and as if time had turned back. You won't want to pass this one by, it's a must read, and one that should be on everyone's keeper-shelf.

~ Kimberly Leslie, Romance Junkies

~ * ~

Brynn Chapman has crafted a story that is a tapestry of lore, legend, and fact. Bride of Blackbeard will leave you asking questions until the last page.

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