The Mind Traveler

Smashwords Edition

Copyright2013 Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

I am sweating and my heart is pumping more than 150 times per minute, I feel I will get my nose bleed again and my adrenalin is rushing beyond limit. I was normal till I reach this station, then the telephone call came and it’s changed my stability in few seconds! I know I have to be calm now and I need to think. The only clue which they have given me is, I need find a Secret Code worth of a billion dollars from the mind of person called “Venus” an American. They found me and they followed me and they are aware that I can do that, and they know I am a “Mind Traveler”.

I had 19 minutes when they finished that call, now I have 18 min 34 seconds left with me. I don’t know where to start, I am in this crowded Mumbai, CST railway station and more than a half a million people leave at this time after office hours. I have to think now! On any cost i need to find Venus and take the code from his mind. They told 19 minutes, why it is 19? It may be related to departure of any train here! I could see a train starting in platform 7 in another 18 minutes 25 seconds. That should be the place, where I should be now.

I am running, I can feel my legs in air, more often, and its platform 7. Where do I find him, its 1500 people waiting for the train to arrive! When I came to India few years back from US, I was amazed by this crowd, but now I live here, so I know how hard they will get in to the train, when it arrives and I will have no chance. Wait! for any foreigner the way to spend waiting time here is to get a magazine and buy a bottle of mineral water, as many don’t believe in tap water here and it’s humid. So I should go to the nearby magazine shop to start my travel. I found one in 20 meters, but before I start my travel I have to place myself in safe place, so that no one interacts with this body, while I am travelling in others mind. I found a place where an elderly couple are sitting and lots of crowd around there. Crowded place is safe for me! Now to travel in someone’s mind, I have two limitations. First, I can enter into one’s mind only when they talk to me, similarly unless they talk to others, I can’t travel to others mind, else I can only return back to my mind. Second, I can read a person mind for the past 19 minutes only. I don’t know why it’s for 19 minutes, but I practiced it only for that time. So anything in last 19 minutes they did, they spoke, they thought, everything I can read. By this time I have 17 minutes 25 seconds left with me.

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