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The Savage

Swift Eagle watched…

The woman moved her head impatiently, waiting for him to speak, her brows drawn up in a question. He needed her to understand who held control, so he spoke in his most commanding voice. “Choose to stand, if you wish.”

Her face paled at his words, anger sparking in her eyes. Presuming she resented his giving her permission to stand, he sighed at the foolishness of the female species. Shrugging indifferently, he spoke with exaggerated patience. “You will need my help to get to the town below this mountain. I have come here guided by my vision to give you that help. You have nothing to fear from me.”

 “I am not afraid of you.”

Why is there anger in your voice?” Swift Eagle observed her carefully. Measuring the ebb and flow of her fear. Seeking a way to settle that fear. Earn her trust and cooperation.

I’m not angry. I’m tired.” Her shoulders sagged perceptibly, defiance appearing to melt. “Why would you want to help us—a White family? Your eyes tell me you don’t like us.”

I do not know you. Why would I not like you? I am here because of a vision sent by the Great Spirit, who watches over all people.”

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