The abandoned hotel on Blood Mountain stood vacant for twelve years in the Arizona desert, shrouded in mystery and rumors, until LA playboy Buddy McCain inherits the property and decides to reopen the inn. He convinces his contractor pal, JT Carpenter, to move in and help him remodel the once-fine hotel, but then, trouble starts.

When JT’s wife Heather and her dysfunctional sister, Rachel Ryan, join them in their project, the group is systematically terrorized by someone who desperately wants them out...and leaves a dead woman in the parking lot, just to make sure they get the message.

While Buddy and JT struggle to reopen the hotel, Rachel defies the orders of the local deputy sheriff and investigates the strange happenings on her own, but Blood Mountain holds tight to its secrets.


I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Mountain by Joanne Taylor Moore. I love old abandoned buildings that are brought back to life, so this book was just my cup of tea. The story centers on Rachel Ryan, whose sister Heather and brother-in-law JT Carpenter team up with a longtime friend Buddy McCain to restore the old hotel he inherited on Blood Mountain in the desert of Arizona. When Rachel loses her temper, and consequently her job, she has no recourse but to join the motley crew in the desert to help with the hotel. Rachel figures that she will be bored stiff from day one, but little does she know the desert is teaming with excitement: hunky men, dangerous criminals—are they one and the same?—secret caves, drug runners, and murder. The plot had so many twists and turns I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. – Taylor Jones, reviewer

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