Amazingly the intruder turned its back completely on Zoi’ahmets and began to dig through the grass. That was a very anti-survival trait in an unresolved situation. Perhaps it had lost something. She fed its image into the cognition engine, which identified the creature as human. Trying to imagine what it might be searching for, the wickurn cast about with all of her eyes looking over the thick verdure of the pampas and nearby bushes. There was something black and lumpy with a short set of straps hanging in the top of a shrub nearby. One branch reached for it as another gently spun the human around and faced it towards its property. The human awkwardly trudged through the grass. Zoi’ahmets gently handed it the case. It spared a moment to eye its benefactor thoughtfully and then dropped gracelessly to the ground to open the case. The human quickly extracted a silver device which when clipped behind its ear opened up like a flower. The shiny metallic petals spun and clicked restlessly in the afternoon. Another device fit about the neck and a third nestled in center of its hand. Then Zoi’ahmets finally heard the human begin to speak.

_____ wickurn ______ about 3 meters ______ seems to be looking out for me. ______ see why it’s here. Since I’m as far into the Disputed zone as I am ______ ______ _______ _________. Can’t understand why it hasn’t ___________ with me yet.”

Communicated?” offered Zoi’ahmets as she pulled herself slowly to the human.

Yeah, actually,” stammered the being.

You were not exactly making intelligible sounds until just a moment ago.”

And you were pretending to be a tree! No, I’m sorry, you are a tree. You can’t help that. I guess I just never expected you to move.”

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