You Don't Need To Smoke Anymore!

The easiest, most effective and least expensive method for eliminating tobacco and its poisons from your life FOREVER

By Al Ballard

Copyright 2013 Al Ballard

All Rights Reserved

ISBN: 978-1-938886-51-5

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents



The Rules

An Overview of the Program

Back Story

What is Moringa?

Program Details

Getting Started


Cigarette Roller


Cigarette Tubes

Rolling Cigarettes

The Moisture Content of Your Cigarettes



Commonly Asked Questions, Helpful Hints, and Dos and Don'ts

Can I Skip Steps?

The Importance of Rolling One Cigarette at a Time

The Issue of Guilt

The Plan (in 22 easy steps)

Addendum Sinners' Prayers


Proper use of the “YOU DON'T NEED TO SMOKE ANYMORE” program includes use of a plant called Moringa. Information on the plant is available in the book and at several websites referred to in the book. One easy way to be certain that you will not have allergic or adverse reaction to the Moringa is to use a Moringa product called SmartMix manufactured by a company called Zija. Use of the SmartMix has a tendency to increase health and vitality and make you feel better. It is easier to quit smoking if you feel better, so I recommend use of the product while working the program. It is only my recommendation, not Zija's and the Zija Company has NOTHING to do with this program.

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