Dr. Anthony M. Miele

Dr. Mark T. Nunez

Mr. Jason E. Stanhill, student

Dr. Caroline J. Zeiss

AVMA Staff: Dr. Heather Case, Dr. Derrick Hall, and Ms. Jennifer McBride

Charge of the Task Force

The Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation Task Force is charged with evaluating the following issues, given the current environment projected over 10 years:

• The impact of foreign veterinary school accreditation on the US veterinary profession and the quality of standards for the US veterinary profession.

• The impact of not requiring certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) or the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Medical Education (PAVE) for graduates of AVMA COE–accredited foreign schools.

• How foreign veterinary school accreditation serves the needs and interests of the public.

• How foreign veterinary school accreditation serves the needs and interests of AVMA members.

• The existence of any international pressure on the AVMA COE to accredit foreign veterinary schools.

• The logistics of accrediting foreign veterinary schools.

The Task Force is also charged with preparing a written informational report of these issues, without prejudice, for submission to the Executive Board. The Task Force will sunset upon receipt of its report by the Executive Board.

Materials and Methods

The Task Force held one in-person meeting at AVMA Headquarters in March 2012. This meeting consisted of reviewing materials, meeting with AVMA volunteers and staff, and determining additional information needed. The materials reviewed included the following:

• AVMA COE Standards of Accreditation

• Accreditation Policies and Procedures of the AVMA COE

• Multiple JAVMA articles addressing foreign school accreditation

• AVMA aggregate data on member’s schools of graduation, both foreign and domestic

• North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) technical reports (2009 to 2011)

Representative members of the AVMA COE and ECFVG and their staff met with the Task Force to enable it to better understand the entities and how they relate to accreditation. At this meeting, the Task Force also decided to conduct a survey of all the currently accredited foreign veterinary schools to better understand their desire to become accredited. After this meeting, the Task Force members continued to communicate through email list software applications and conference calls to gather remaining information and develop the final report.

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